Genome Corruption

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Genome Corruption
Genome Corruption.png
Tech tree Research
Effect Find rarer bacteria more often
Price Dark matter.png 1050
Prerequisite The Ultimate Life Form

Genome Corruption is a technology available at the Research tech tree of the Dark Matter Institute.

It increases the chance of discovering high rarity Evolved Bacteria through research, Daily Quests, Space Messages, etc.

The drop chance of various rarities depends on the Bacteria Evolution research type, but all other sources of Evolved Bacteria have the same drop chance:

Rarity Drop Chance
without Genome Corruption with Genome Corruption
Common 60.32% 31.55%
Rare 27.85% 43.69%
Epic 9.28% 19.42%
Legendary 2.32% 4.85%
Mythical 0.23% 0.49%

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