Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are the gold bacteria on my screen?
    The golden or yellow bacteria mean that you have an idle BPS bonus. Idle BPS bonus gives more bacteria per second if no bacteria has been produced from tapping for over a minute.
  2. What does the Black Hole do?
    The Black Hole sends the player to an alternate timeline where none of the planets have been destroyed. All gene strand and bacteria upgrades are lost, but the player obtains Dark Matter, which can be spent to research technologies in the Dark Matter Institute. It is not necessary to enter the Black Hole, but doing so can improve the speed at which you can destroy planets.
  3. Why is the last portion of a planet's population harder to destroy?
    This is because the game bases the effectivity of the bacteria on the SIR model. As the number of living hosts decreases, so do the possibilities to spread the disease quickly.