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|pop = 5.014E+147
|pop = 5.014E+147
|gs = n/a
|gs = n/a
|nanobot res = 5
|nanobot res = advanced
|shield lv = 18
|shield lv = 18

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"Deep in the ocean of Fosheytis there sleeps a large lizard that spans across the globe. In its belly, there are seven continents where three civilizations live and tend to the lizard, lest it wake up and swallow the planet."

Planet number 37
Population 5.014E+147
Gene Strands Gene strand.pngn/a
Nanobot Resistance advanced
Shield Level 18

Fosheytis is the 37th planet.


Image Name Effect Base Drop Chance
Agate.png Agate

+50% BPS




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