Dark Matter Institute

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Dark Matter Institute is a place where you can purchase upgrades that will last between Black Holes. It is unlocked after entering the first Black Hole and upgrades in it can be purchased for Dark Matter.

In the Dark Matter Institute, there are three trees you can spend the Dark Matter on:

  • BPS tree
  • BPC tree
  • Research tree

BPS tree

Image ID Depends on Title Description Price
INSERT IMAGE HERE 1001 Black Breeding Increase BPS 100 times Dark matter.png 350
INSERT IMAGE HERE 1002 Schroedinger's Gene Each Gene Strand gives additional 1% to BPS Dark matter.png 500
INSERT IMAGE HERE 1003 1001 Quantum Leap Each available scientist doubles BPS Dark matter.png 750
INSERT IMAGE HERE 1004 1002 Dark Frequencies Double idle production Dark matter.png 600

BPC tree

Attēls ID Depends on Nosaukums Apraksts Cena
INSERT IMAGE HERE 2001 Quasar Beams Increase BPC 3 times Dark matter.png 450
INSERT IMAGE HERE 2002 Quantum Robotics Every click has a 0.1% chance to produce a Nanobot Dark matter.png 400
INSERT IMAGE HERE 2003 2001 Particle Accelerator Increase max BPC combo up to x20 Dark matter.png 600
INSERT IMAGE HERE 2004 2002 Alien Life Forms Reduce red bacteria spawning time by 20% Dark matter.png600

Research tree

Content about Research tree