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BPS Conversion

BPS conversion is a game mechanic that increases the player's BPC by a percentage of the current BPS.

Some BPS sources are not taken into account in the conversion. They include:

BPS conversion can be obtained from various upgrades.

Upgrades Adding Bacteria from BPS to BPC

Some regular and Gene Strand upgrades increase BPC by a percentage of your total BPS. They do not decrease your total BPS.

The effectiveness of these upgrades is determined by:

  • their base effect; and
  • the number of destroyed planets.

The base effect is not displayed in the upgrade description. For regular upgrades, the base effect usually is 1%, but Toxic bullets, for example, has a base effect of 5%.

The final effect of the particular upgrade is calculated according to the formula:

effect = base effect / PlanetsDestroyed2 

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