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BPS stands for bacteria per second.

BPS adds to the total number of owned bacteria even when not tapping or when the app is closed. The player starts with 0 BPS and increases it by purchasing different bacteria colonies.

In later game, percentage increases or BPS modifiers become available. BPS modifiers can be local to one colony type or affect the global BPS.

Idle BPS

the golden bacteria indicate that the idle BPS bonus is active

Some BPS modifiers provide a boost to idle bacteria production.

Idle BPS bonus becomes active if the player hasn't tapped on the main screen for over a minute.

It is indicated by the bacteria changing color to yellow. Pressing on any of the menu buttons or the red bacteria does not break the idle BPS bonus.

Idle BPS bonus can be obtained from gene strand upgrades, evolved bacteria, and the Dark Frequencies technology in the Dark Matter Institute.

BPS modifiers

Local modifiers

Local modifiers increase the production only for some colony types.

Local modifiers currently include:

  • Colony upgrades
  • Gene Strand upgrades

Colony upgrades are lost when attacking a planet, but Gene Strand upgrades remain until the player enters a Black Hole.

Global modifiers

The global BPS modifiers boost the total BPS of the player by some percentage.

Current sources of global BPS increase include:

  • Achievements
  • Gene Strands
  • Evolved Bacteria
  • Premium purchases
  • Gene Strand upgrades
  • Bacteria Colony upgrades
  • Dark Matter Institute technologies

Most modifiers may be lost when attacking a planet or entering a Black Hole, but boosts from achievements, premium purchases, and Dark Matter Institute are permanent.