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BPC stands for bacteria per click.

When the player taps on the main screen, he will produce bacteria in the amount that is at least equal to the current BPC. The game starts with the player having just 1 BPC and it is primarily increased by purchasing Bacteria guns from the bacteria colonies menu.

Mechanics such as Red Bacteria, critical hits, and tapping combos enable temporarily increasing BPC or produce more bacteria than the current BPC would normally allow.

BPC sources

BPC sources add some number to the base bacteria production per tap.

They include Bacteria gun, which can be purchased from the bacteria colonies menu, and Bacteria cannon, which can be purchased for diamonds in the premium section.

BPC modifiers

BPC modifiers increase the current BPC by some percentage. They include:

Colony upgrades are lost after attacking a planet, but gene strand upgrades persist until Black Hole. Modifiers provided by evolved bacteria are active depending on whether the bacteria in question is equipped. Only the effects of Dark Matter Institute technologies are always active.

Some game mechanics also give a temporarily boost BPC:

Red Bacteria is available from the beginning, but the other mechanics need to be unlocked with gene strand upgrades.