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Achievements are awards given for successfully finishing a task. Achievements can give you 2 types of rewards: Diamonds and Bonus BPS.

The achievements are not reset after attacking a planet or entering a Black Hole.

Each achievement can be completed only once.

In total, there are 76 achievements.


Completing some achievements gives a permanent boost to your BPS (e.g. League of Villains, Genie).

The total BPS boost of achievements is summed together and then multiplied with other increases to your BPS.


Base BPS: 5

  • Completed achievements: The End of the World, Just Like Starting Over, They All Fall, Eventually (5% BPS bonus each)
  • Total percentage increase from achievements: 5% + 5% + 5% = 15%
  • Multiplier for increase from achievements: 1 + 0.15 = 1.15
  • Multiplier for other BPS increases: 100
  • Total increase from all sources: 1.15 * 100 = 115

Final BPS: 5 × 116.15 = 575

List of Achievements

Icon Title Task Reward
Diamonds BPS
Just Getting Started.png Just Getting Started Tap 1 000 times Diamonds.png3 -
No time to Lose.png No time to Lose Tap 30 times in a second Diamonds.png3 -
Tapping Enthusiast.png Tapping Enthusiast Tap 10 000 times Diamonds.png3 -
Baby Steps.png Baby Steps Reach 1.000 mil BPS Diamonds.png3 -
The End of the World.png The End of the World Destroy 1 planet Diamonds.png3 +5% BPS
The Real Deal.png The Real Deal Destroy a planet with a single attack Diamonds.png3 -
A Lovely Bunch.png A Lovely Bunch Collect 1.000 Tril Bacteria Diamonds.png3 -
Defence first.png Defence first Reach a planet that has high nanobot resistance Diamonds.png5 -
You're doing it wrong.png You're doing it wrong Collect 1 Mil Bacteria without any upgrades Diamonds.png5 +5% BPS
Till the end.png Till the end Play the game 10 days in a row Diamonds.png30 -
Tapping Maniac.png Tapping Maniac Tap 10 000 times Diamonds.png5 -
What are the chances?.png What are the chances? Evolve a legendary Bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Strength in numbers.png Strength in numbers Collect 1.000 Qi Bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Bloodseeker.png Bloodseeker Collect 1.000 Sp Bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Loads of Bacteria.png Loads of Bacteria Collect 1.000 No Bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Just Like Starting Over.png Just Like Starting Over Destroy 5 planets Diamonds.png5 +5% BPS
They All Fall, Eventually.png They All Fall, Eventually Destroy 10 planets Diamonds.png5 +5% BPS
Victory Lies in Preparation.png Victory Lies in Preparation Reach 1.000 Tril BPS Diamonds.png5 -
Going Places.png Going Places Reach 1.000 Qi PBS Diamonds.png5 -
I'll be back.png I'll be back Play the game 30 days in a row Diamonds.png90 -
Loaded.png Loaded Collect 1.000 Udc Bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Big Numbers.png Big Numbers Collect 1.000 Tdc Bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Force of Nature.png Force of Nature Collect 1E +48 Bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
The More, The Better.png The More, The Better Collect 1E +54 Bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Too Much Free Time?.png Too Much Free Time? Collect 1E +60 Bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Something to Prove.png Something to Prove Reach 1.000 Sp BPS Diamonds.png10 -
They Don't Stand a Chance.png They Don't Stand a Chance Reach 1.000 No BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Hard Work Never Fails.png Hard Work Never Fails Reach 1.000 Udc BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Art of War.png Art of War Reach 1.000 Tdc BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Look at Me Now.png Look at Me Now Reach 1E+48 BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Full House.png Full House Buy every colony Diamonds.png10 +10% BPS
Been there, done that.png Been there, done that Play the game 90 days in a row Diamonds.png150 -
Finding the one.png Finding the one Mutate 50 Bacteria Diamonds.png40 -
Seeking for more.png Seeking for more Mutate 100 Bacteria Diamonds.png70 -
They get bigger!.png They get bigger! Get level II Bacteria Diamonds.png15 -
Look! It's moving!.png Look! It's moving! Get level III Bacteria Diamonds.png25 -
Lovely companions.png Lovely companions Produce 1000 Nanobots Diamonds.png15 -
Look at my army!.png Look at my army! Produce 10000 Nanobots Diamonds.png25 -
Colonize them!.png Colonize them! Purchase Earth colony Diamonds.png15 -
And them too!.png And them too! Purchase Aclanus colony Diamonds.png30 -
The lottery.png The lottery Find mythical Bacteria Diamonds.png50 -
Daredevil.png Daredevil Go through the Black Hole Diamonds.png50 -
Playing God.png Playing God Go through the Black Hole 10 times Diamonds.png100 -
Safety First.png Safety First Increase Bacteria's Black Hole survival probability to 50% Diamonds.png25 -
Eureka!.png Eureka! Find 1 mineral Diamonds.png5 -
Magpie.png Magpie Find 10 minerals Diamonds.png50 -
Three Horsemen.png Three Horsemen Send 3 scientists to a planet Diamonds.png25 -
Dirty Business.png Dirty Business Destroy a planet using only trash bins Diamonds.png25 -
Hoarder.png Hoarder Have more than 500 diamonds Diamonds.png100 -
League of Villains.png League of Villains Have 10 scientists in total Diamonds.png50 +10% BPS
Dead Sector.png Dead Sector Destroy 50 planets Diamonds.png80 -
Seeing Red.png Seeing Red Collect 300 Red Bacteria Diamonds.png90 -
Abominations.png Abominations Collect 1500 Red Bacteria Diamonds.png99 -
Genie.png Genie Own 50 Gene Strand upgrades Diamonds.png20 +5% BPS
12 Monkeys.png 12 Monkeys Get 12 evolved bacteria through one Black Hole Diamonds.png120 -
Heartburn.png Heartburn Get a level 3 Helicobacter Diamonds.png20 -
Employees Must Wash Hands.png Employees Must Wash Hands Equip 3 Salmonella evolved bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Circle of Life.png Circle of Life Recycle 5 Evolved Bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Samsara.png Samsara Recycle 200 Evolved Bacteria Diamonds.png35 -
Superheat.png Superheat Tap on 30 red Nanobots Diamonds.png5 -
Assault of the Clones.png Assault of the Clones Tap on 400 red Nanobots Diamonds.png40 -
Fullmetal.png Fullmetal Fuse a mineral Diamonds.png5 -
Alchemist.png Alchemist Fuse 7 minerals Diamonds.png30 -
Demon.png Demon Get 666 critical Bacteria Diamonds.png13 -
Eternal Conflict.png Eternal Conflict Attack a planet at least 10 times before destroying it Diamonds.png5 -
Gnosis.png Gnosis Visit game help Diamonds.png2 -
Third Time's the Charm.png Third Time's the Charm Send three incorrect Space Communication codes Diamonds.png2 -
Rage Virus.png Rage Virus Get at least 13% increased critical chance from Evolved Bacteria Diamonds.png50 -
The Thing.png The Thing Irradiate one colony 10 times Diamonds.png30 -
Handyman.png Handyman Complete 10 daily quests Diamonds.png5 -
Undertaker.png Undertaker Complete 100 daily quests Diamonds.png30 -
Hypnosis.png Hypnosis Collect 15 ad rewards Diamonds.png20 -
Overlord.png Overlord Get 13 000 critical tap Bacteria Diamonds.png66 -
Maniac.png Maniac Recycle a Mythical Bacteria Diamonds.png20 -
Calculated Risk.png Calculated Risk Lose at least 10 Evolved Bacteria in one Black Hole Diamonds.png20 -
Starlord.png Starlord Collect 10 000 Dark Matter Diamonds.png25 -

Version History

Version Changes
1.11.0 • Changed reward for achievement "Eureka!"
1.10.0 Added achievement - Calculated Risk
1.8.0 Added achievements:
  • Overlord
  • Maniac
1.7.0 Added achievements:
  • Handyman
  • Undertaker
  • Hypnosis
1.6.0 Added achievements:
  • Rage Virus
  • The Thing
1.5.1 To complete the Genie achievement you now have to own 50 Gene Strand upgrades instead of every upgrade.
1.5.0 Replaced the icon for achievement "And Them Too!"

Added achievements:

  • Third Time's the Charm
  • Gnosis
  • Abominations

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