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Achievements are awards given for successfully finishing a task. Achievements can give you 2 types of rewards:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Bonus BPS

The achievements are not reset after attacking a planet or entering a Black Hole. Each achievement can be completed only once.

List of Achievements

Image Title Task Reward
Diamonds BPS
Just Getting Started.png Just Getting Started Tap 100 times Diamonds.png3 -
No time to Lose.png No time to Lose Tap 10 times in a second Diamonds.png3 -
Tapping Enthusiast.png Tapping Enthusiast Tap 1000 times Diamonds.png3 -
Baby Steps.png Baby Steps Reach 1.000 mil BPS Diamonds.png3 -
The End of the World.png The End of the World Destroy 1 planet Diamonds.png3 +5% BPS
The Real Deal.png The Real Deal Destroy a planet with a single attack Diamonds.png3 -
A Lovely Bunch.png A Lovely Bunch Collect 1.000 Tril bacteria Diamonds.png3 -
Defence first.png Defence first Have a planet reach high resistance Diamonds.png5 -
You're doing it wrong.png You're doing it wrong Collect 1 Mil bacteria without any upgrades Diamonds.png5 +5% BPS
Till the end.png Till the end Play the game 10 days in a row Diamonds.png30 -
Tapping Maniac.png Tapping Maniac Tap 10 000 times Diamonds.png5 -
What are the chances?.png What are the chances? Evolve a legendary bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Strength in numbers.png Strength in numbers Collect 1.000 Qi bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Bloodseeker.png Bloodseeker Collect 1.000 Sp bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Loads of Bacteria.png Loads of Bacteria Collect 1.000 No bacteria Diamonds.png5 -
Just Like Starting Over.png Just Like Starting Over Destroy 5 planets Diamonds.png5 + 5% BPS
They All Fall, Eventually.png They All Fall, Eventually Destroy 10 planets Diamonds.png5 +5% BPS
Victory Lies in Preparation.png Victory Lies in Preparation Reach 1.000 Tril BPS Diamonds.png5 -
Going Places.png Going Places Reach 1.000 Qi PBS Diamonds.png5 -
I'll be back.png I'll be back Play the game 30 days in a row Diamonds.png90 -
Loaded.png Loaded Collect 1.000 Udc bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Big Numbers.png Big Numbers Collect 1.000 Tdc bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Force of Nature.png Force of Nature Collect 1E +48 bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
The More, The Better.png The More, The Better Collect 1E +54 bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Too Much Free Time?.png Too Much Free Time? Collect 1E +60 bacteria Diamonds.png10 -
Something to Prove.png Something to Prove Reach 1.000 Sp BPS Diamonds.png10 -
They Don't Stand a Chance.png They Don't Stand a Chance Reach 1.000 No BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Hard Work Never Fails.png Hard Work Never Fails Reach 1.000 Udc BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Art of War.png Art of War Reach 1.000 Tdc BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Look at Me Now.png Look at Me Now Reach 1E+48 BPS Diamonds.png10 -
Full House.png Full House Buy every colony Diamonds.png10 +10% BPS
Been there, done that.png Been there, done that Play the game 90 days in a row Diamonds.png150 -
Finding the one.png Finding the one Mutate 50 bacteria Diamonds.png40 -
Seeking for more.png Seeking for more Mutate 100 bacteria Diamonds.png70 -
They get bigger!.png They get bigger! Get level II bacteria Diamonds.png15 -
Look! It's moving!.png Look! It's moving! Get level III bacteria Diamonds.png25 -
Lovely companions.png Lovely companions Produce 1000 nanobots Diamonds.png15 -
Look at my army!.png Look at my army! Produce 10000 nanobots Diamonds.png25 -
Colonize them!.png Colonize them! Purchase Earth colony Diamonds.png15 -
And them too!.png And them too! Purchase Aclanus colony Diamonds.png30 -
The lottery.png The lottery Find mythical bacteria Diamonds.png50 -
80px Daredevil Go through the Black Hole Diamonds.png50 -
80px Playing God Go through the Black Hole 10 times Diamonds.png100 -
80px Safety First Increase bacteria's Black Hole survival probability to 50% Diamonds.png25 -